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:iconmythrilmog: tagged me, but I'm going to just put the answers to her questions because the other ones I did it like a ton of times -w- (plus I'm lazy)

1- How did you first find DA? 
It was loooong ago, I had for first time internet and I was searching for good G/t stuff... And I found it here

2-What's your favorite genre of books to read?
Something of fantasy and mistery

3-Who's your favorite author?
Michael Ende (the neverending story) I love the feeling he leaves me when I finish his books... 

4-What's your favorite book??
"Momo" writen by michael ende

5-Do you play video games? If so what's your favorite game?
Yes. I have a TON of favourite games: Undertale, the binding of isaac, kingdom hearts, pokemon, proffesor layton, ace attorney, animal crossin, borderlands...

6-Favorite Pokemon??
It's a tie between Ralts, Mareep, Drifloon, Surskid, Flygon and Scraggy

7-Favorite animes/mangas??
One Piece, Shaman king, Alice school of magic (this is the translation of the spanish title), CLAMP's works...

8-What got you into GT and/or Vore?
I think I ever have it... My first G/t remember is watching the WHS of Ferngully

9-Favorite sort of GT scenarios??
The meeting, when the giant it's being scary but really it's just messing with the tiny, the pet scenarios...

10-If you could be giant or tiny which would prefer being??
Tiny... I hardly see myself as a giant...

11-What sort of predators do you like to see in vore scenarios And if you're not a fan of vore, what sort of larger party do you like to see in size difference scenarios? (aka Giants, humans, dragons, anthros, etc.)
I love the grumpy predators, I found them cute...

12-For the sake of being an ego manic, who's your favorite character of mine?
Stop making me picking stuff I love so many tons of them!! I love them all!! I wanna have your mind to reate such awesome characters...
I have to pick one anyway? ok, Atari and Jude TwT *lies down on Atari's head* -w-

13-Also for the same of being an ego maniac, do you have any character of mine that you'd like you or your ocs to interact with? (what could you see them doing?)
Yoyo and Atari going on a mission >w<!
Underhunter au by YoyoHiBu
Underhunter au
This is a pic of an au I'm working on

undertale+Mosnter hunter= underhunter au

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